Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your wise one have arrive.

So... I have been going on twitter and stuff. and I have this friend of mine, who follows hell lot of people. And guess what I figure out?
There are at least around 100 Robert Pattinson in twitter. i mean WTF?
Can't those posers in the world learn that, pretending to be someone else won't help.
and there is around another 100 for KSTEW.
Gosh, everyone here is special in their own way, you guys just have to figure out yourself. Who cares about those hollywood beeyotches? I mean they are just normal people like us, if you open your eyes widely. The person sitting next to you might as well be hotter than Hugh Jackman / Robert Pattinson.
And if you have found your true self, I am sure you are so much better then those Hollywoodians who can only create drama and act. You yourself are better then them. You don't create stupid drama, you don't date 3 people at the same time, you don't steal other people husband- no offense to Angelina Jolie, I still love her! hahah!

I know you all are like "wtfing" to me right at this moment, but do i look like i give a damn? no. Cause me myself have this huge dream of going into hollywood and continuing my big passion of acting and modeling-okay forget the modeling part, but still. Acting is my life.
But should people pretend to be actresses and actors when they are not? NO! Let those people have a break, let those guys from hollywood have a brea kpeople.

And now I think I have been speaking rubbish that doesn't make sense at all, right?

So... let me narrow all those stuff down.
Be yourself, don't pretend to be one of those fake hollywoodians
Those actresses and actors/singers or stuff like that, are normal human being like you guys, they want a break from all the posers.

So what are you going to do?

Your Wise One, N

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