Monday, June 1, 2009

I know I am not wrong, especially about New Moon.

Don't call me a maniac but.
Have you guys seen the "style" that K-Stew wore for the MTV award? HORRIBLE i tell you. HORRIBLE! the dress...ugly.
the shoe... HORRIBLE. who would wear sneakers on a semi formal dress?!

and the new moon trailer. don't tell me about it again. i have it so much except for rob and taylor. they look hot. and rob is an awesome actor (not only because i love him. hahah) from the way how he said "I can't stay here anymore" almost made me cry. the face that he made... it was amzing...
yet Kristen Stewart.... she is one of the worst actress ever.
From the way she say "I love you" WAS WRONG! it was so freaking emotionless! I mean WTF?! that is wrong wrong wrong wrong! She had nothing in her voice.
Alice should have been hyper.
And Jasper... he is suppose to be hunting a prey, not run a marathon!
Nikki Reed looks fat too in the dress that she wore for Bella's bday.
God. and the way hoe k stew hugged the forest floor... it looks like... she is.. UGH! UGLY!
What else should I say?! Its ultra unbelievably horrible.

Trust me, once the movie is out. You can only hear me ranting about it.
And Eva, I hope you read this, because we can both run to a secluded island and live there until the country and world is starting to forget about New Moon.

xx Nadia


  1. twilight... the movie was ridicoloussss. I laughed all the time, it was lame. so much. Those guys cant act, especially K stew (who is also ugly, she looks like a man). i'm obviously not even thinking about watching New Moon. especially after what i've just read here! haha. dont hate me guys! love yaa. B*

  2. hahah. B :) It is lame... K Stew is a man. hahhaha :) I will never ever ever hate you. I LOOOVE YOU :D but you gotta admit. RPattz is delicious :D

  3. Nelly Furtado and Lily Allen once wore a pair of sneakers with formal dresses and they looked amazing. Btw, I even hate the Twilight Saga books. Bella's character has no emotion at all, so I wouldn't blame Kristen Stewart.

  4. well kstew wore is.. horribly. But no..... hahah :) as much as bella's character have NO emotion. Bella loves Edward... Kstew... sucks at acting. AND CANT SHOW THE FEELING!